Basic Info:

Block-sorting file compressor

install size: 304743
build date: 2019-01-24 23:24:18 +0000
package file: bzip2-1.0.6nb1.tgz
package size: 99518


This is bzip2, a block-sorting file compressor.

From the README:

To the best of my knowledge, bzip2 does not use any patented
algorithms. However, I do not have the resources available to
carry out a full patent search. Therefore I cannot give any
guarantee of the above statement.

Julian Seward







Package List

File NameDateSize
bin/bunzip22019-01-24 16:2434872 bytes
bin/bzcat2019-01-24 16:240 bytes
bin/bzcmp2019-01-24 16:240 bytes
bin/bzdiff2019-01-24 16:242130 bytes
bin/bzegrep2019-01-24 16:240 bytes
bin/bzfgrep2019-01-24 16:240 bytes
bin/bzgrep2019-01-24 16:241679 bytes
bin/bzip22019-01-24 16:240 bytes
bin/bzip2recover2019-01-24 16:2414312 bytes
bin/bzless2019-01-24 16:240 bytes
bin/bzmore2019-01-24 16:241261 bytes
include/bzlib.h2019-01-24 16:246245 bytes
lib/libbz2.la2019-01-24 16:24935 bytes
lib/libbz2.a2019-01-24 16:2479122 bytes
lib/libbz2.so2019-01-24 16:240 bytes
lib/ 16:240 bytes
lib/ 16:2471576 bytes
man/man1/bunzip2.12019-01-24 16:240 bytes
man/man1/bzcat.12019-01-24 16:240 bytes
man/man1/bzcmp.12019-01-24 16:240 bytes
man/man1/bzdiff.12019-01-24 16:24897 bytes
man/man1/bzegrep.12019-01-24 16:240 bytes
man/man1/bzfgrep.12019-01-24 16:240 bytes
man/man1/bzgrep.12019-01-24 16:241297 bytes
man/man1/bzip2.12019-01-24 16:2416256 bytes
man/man1/bzip2recover.12019-01-24 16:240 bytes
man/man1/bzless.12019-01-24 16:240 bytes
man/man1/bzmore.12019-01-24 16:244310 bytes