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GNU Portable Thread library

license: gnu-lgpl-v2.1
install size: 698929
build date: 2019-01-25 23:16:59 +0000
package file: pth-2.0.7nb5.tgz
package size: 223056


PTH is a very portable POSIX/ANSI-C based library for Unix platforms which
provides non-preemptive scheduling for multiple threads of execution
("multithreading") inside server applications. All threads run in the same
address space of the server application, but each thread has its own
individual program-counter, run-time stack, signal mask and errno variable.

This version makes use of the --enable-syscall-hard option that provides
replacement syscalls in libpthread. The function gives the appearance of
some preemptiveness as it provides new syscall entry points.







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bin/pth-config2019-01-25 16:164044 bytes
include/pth.h2019-01-25 16:1621886 bytes
lib/libpth.la2019-01-25 16:16935 bytes
lib/libpth.a2019-01-25 16:16143088 bytes
lib/libpth.so2019-01-25 16:160 bytes
lib/ 16:160 bytes
lib/ 16:1690944 bytes
man/man1/pth-config.12019-01-25 16:167114 bytes
man/man3/pth.32019-01-25 16:16131010 bytes
share/aclocal/pth.m42019-01-25 16:1616504 bytes
share/doc/pth/ANNOUNCE2019-01-25 16:163766 bytes
share/doc/pth/AUTHORS2019-01-25 16:16602 bytes
share/doc/pth/COPYING2019-01-25 16:1626866 bytes
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share/doc/pth/NEWS2019-01-25 16:163973 bytes
share/doc/pth/README2019-01-25 16:164058 bytes
share/doc/pth/SUPPORT2019-01-25 16:162379 bytes
share/doc/pth/TESTS2019-01-25 16:166237 bytes
share/doc/pth/THANKS2019-01-25 16:166477 bytes
share/doc/pth/USERS2019-01-25 16:161530 bytes
share/doc/pth/pthread.ps2019-01-25 16:1685118 bytes
share/doc/pth/rse-pmt.ps2019-01-25 16:16135137 bytes