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Library for manipulating PNG images

license: zlib
install size: 1077001
build date: 2019-01-25 18:08:23 +0000
package file: png-1.6.36.tgz
package size: 398842


Libpng was written as a companion to the PNG specification, as a
way to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to support
the PNG file format in application programs. Most users will not
have to modify the library significantly; advanced users may want
to modify it more. The library was coded for both users. All
attempts were made to make it as complete as possible, while
keeping the code easy to understand. Currently, this library
only supports C. Support for other languages is being considered.








Package List

File NameDateSize
bin/libpng-config2019-01-25 11:080 bytes
bin/libpng16-config2019-01-25 11:082338 bytes
bin/png-fix-itxt2019-01-25 11:0810216 bytes
bin/pngfix2019-01-25 11:0847168 bytes
include/libpng16/png.h2019-01-25 11:08142837 bytes
include/libpng16/pngconf.h2019-01-25 11:0822841 bytes
include/libpng16/pnglibconf.h2019-01-25 11:087596 bytes
include/png.h2019-01-25 11:080 bytes
include/pngconf.h2019-01-25 11:080 bytes
include/pnglibconf.h2019-01-25 11:080 bytes
lib/libpng16.la2019-01-25 11:08968 bytes
lib/libpng16.a2019-01-25 11:08339154 bytes
lib/libpng16.so2019-01-25 11:080 bytes
lib/ 11:080 bytes
lib/ 11:08234000 bytes
lib/pkgconfig/libpng.pc2019-01-25 11:080 bytes
lib/pkgconfig/libpng16.pc2019-01-25 11:08276 bytes
man/man3/libpng.32019-01-25 11:08266197 bytes
man/man3/libpngpf.32019-01-25 11:08803 bytes
man/man5/png.52019-01-25 11:082490 bytes