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Programs and library for plotting scientific data

license: gnu-gpl-v3
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build date: 2019-01-30 00:21:34 +0000
package file: plotutils-2.6nb4.tgz
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The GNU plotutils package contains programs for plotting scientific data,
and a function library for drawing vector graphics and doing vector graphics
animations. The package includes:
* GNU graph, which does two-dimensional plotting in real time. It's designed
for command-line use, and can be used in shell scripts. It produces output
on an X Window System display, in Illustrator format, in Postscript format,
in PCL 5 format, in HP-GL/2 format, in Fig format (editable with the xfig
drawing editor), in Tektronix format, or in GNU Metafile format. Output in
Postscript format may be edited with the idraw drawing editor.
* GNU plot, which translates GNU Metafile format to any of the other formats.
* GNU tek2plot, for translating legacy Tektronix data to any of the above
* GNU plotfont, for displaying character maps of the fonts that are available
in the above formats.
* GNU spline, which does spline interpolation of data.
* GNU ode, which numerically integrates a system consisting of one or more
ordinary differential equations.

The programs graph, plot, tek2plot, and plotfont are based on GNU libplot, a C
function library for device-independent two-dimensional vector graphics. GNU
libplot is compatible with the traditional Unix libplot library, but is much
more powerful. It is installed as part of the package.








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bin/hersheydemo2019-01-29 17:2122968 bytes
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bin/pic2plot2019-01-29 17:21180824 bytes
bin/plot2019-01-29 17:2152248 bytes
bin/plotfont2019-01-29 17:2127640 bytes
bin/spline2019-01-29 17:2139496 bytes
bin/tek2plot2019-01-29 17:2139864 bytes
include/plot.h2019-01-29 17:2121086 bytes
include/plotcompat.h2019-01-29 17:216604 bytes
include/plotter.h2019-01-29 17:21114316 bytes
info/plotutils.info2019-01-29 17:21511924 bytes
lib/libplot.la2019-01-29 17:211101 bytes
lib/libplot.a2019-01-29 17:212081380 bytes
lib/libplot.so2019-01-29 17:210 bytes
lib/ 17:210 bytes
lib/ 17:211557944 bytes
lib/libplotter.la2019-01-29 17:211118 bytes
lib/libplotter.a2019-01-29 17:212168556 bytes
lib/libplotter.so2019-01-29 17:210 bytes
lib/ 17:210 bytes
lib/ 17:211464424 bytes
man/man1/ode.12019-01-29 17:217121 bytes
man/man1/plot.12019-01-29 17:2121378 bytes
man/man1/plotfont.12019-01-29 17:2118940 bytes
man/man1/spline.12019-01-29 17:2111486 bytes
man/man1/tek2plot.12019-01-29 17:2118417 bytes
share/libplot/README2019-01-29 17:214960 bytes
share/libplot/colors.txt2019-01-29 17:2115096 bytes
share/libplot/h-fonts.txt2019-01-29 17:213408 bytes
share/libplot/h-glyphs.txt2019-01-29 17:219434 bytes
share/libplot/hershey.bib2019-01-29 17:214135 bytes
share/libplot/kana.txt2019-01-29 17:213541 bytes
share/libplot/kanji.txt2019-01-29 17:2135202 bytes
share/ode/README2019-01-29 17:21748 bytes
share/ode/atwoods.ode2019-01-29 17:211781 bytes
share/ode/bead.ode2019-01-29 17:21535 bytes
share/ode/chem.ode2019-01-29 17:21810 bytes
share/ode/coupled.ode2019-01-29 17:21864 bytes
share/ode/ddho.ode2019-01-29 17:21644 bytes
share/ode/dynamo.ode2019-01-29 17:21682 bytes
share/ode/henon.ode2019-01-29 17:21662 bytes
share/ode/limitcycle.ode2019-01-29 17:21722 bytes
share/ode/lorenz.ode2019-01-29 17:21765 bytes
share/ode/lunar.sh2019-01-29 17:211103 bytes
share/ode/orbit.ode2019-01-29 17:211036 bytes
share/ode/population.ode2019-01-29 17:21608 bytes
share/ode/qcd.ode2019-01-29 17:21357 bytes
share/ode/rumor.ode2019-01-29 17:211291 bytes
share/ode/soliton.ode2019-01-29 17:21432 bytes
share/ode/viscous.ode2019-01-29 17:21689 bytes
share/pic2plot/README2019-01-29 17:211743 bytes
share/pic2plot/macros.pic2019-01-29 17:2123455 bytes
share/pic2plot/pic0.ps2019-01-29 17:21129253 bytes
share/pic2plot/pic1.ps2019-01-29 17:21180588 bytes
share/pic2plot/picmacros.ps2019-01-29 17:2133999 bytes
share/tek2plot/README2019-01-29 17:211319 bytes
share/tek2plot/aitest.tek2019-01-29 17:2116535 bytes
share/tek2plot/dmerc.tek2019-01-29 17:2128930 bytes
share/tek2plot/fotest.tek2019-01-29 17:2116233 bytes
share/tek2plot/imtesth.tek2019-01-29 17:2186 bytes
share/tek2plot/karney.tek2019-01-29 17:2111978 bytes
share/tek2plot/ocpred.tek2019-01-29 17:213308 bytes
share/tek2plot/scale.tek2019-01-29 17:2113103 bytes
share/tek2plot/skymap.tek2019-01-29 17:2116175 bytes
share/tek2plot/skymap2.tek2019-01-29 17:2143949 bytes
share/tek2plot/usmap.tek2019-01-29 17:216939 bytes