Basic Info:

Package management and administration tools for pkgsrc

license: modified-bsd
install size: 2713746
build date: 2019-01-24 00:14:55 +0000
package file: pkg_install-20180425.tgz
package size: 1269589


pkg_install contains the core package management and administration
utilities for pkgsrc, a multi-platform source and binary package
system developed and maintained by The NetBSD Project and volunteers
from around the globe.

The following tools are included:

pkg_add install and upgrade binary packages
pkg_admin perform various pkgsrc administrative tasks
pkg_create create software package distributions
pkg_delete delete installed packages
pkg_info display information about installed or binary packages

For the following tools compatibility wrappers are included:

audit-packages audit installed packages for security vulnerabilities
download-vulnerability-list download the latest vulnerabilities list






Package List

File NameDateSize
man/man1/pkg_add.12019-01-23 17:1411932 bytes
man/man1/pkg_admin.12019-01-23 17:149481 bytes
man/man1/pkg_create.12019-01-23 17:1413169 bytes
man/man1/pkg_delete.12019-01-23 17:147693 bytes
man/man1/pkg_info.12019-01-23 17:149284 bytes
man/man5/pkg_install.conf.52019-01-23 17:147445 bytes
man/man5/pkg_summary.52019-01-23 17:145052 bytes
man/man7/pkgsrc.72019-01-23 17:142190 bytes
man/man8/audit-packages.82019-01-23 17:142207 bytes
man/man8/download-vulnerability-list.82019-01-23 17:142056 bytes
sbin/audit-packages2019-01-23 17:142684 bytes
sbin/download-vulnerability-list2019-01-23 17:14617 bytes
sbin/pkg_add2019-01-23 17:14682816 bytes
sbin/pkg_admin2019-01-23 17:14655144 bytes
sbin/pkg_create2019-01-23 17:14460888 bytes
sbin/pkg_delete2019-01-23 17:14204200 bytes
sbin/pkg_info2019-01-23 17:14636888 bytes