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PHP extension for i18n

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PHP is a programming language designed to be embedded into web pages.
This module is an internationalization extension, enabling PHP programmers
to perform UCA-conformant collation and date/time/number/currency formatting
in their scripts. It tends to closely follow ICU APIs, so that people having
experience working with ICU in either C/C++ or Java could easily use the PHP
API. Also, this way ICU documentation would be useful to understand various
ICU functions.
Intl consists of several modules, each of them exposes the corresponding ICU
* Collator: provides string comparison capability with support
for appropriate locale-sensitive sort orderings.
* Number Formatter: allows to display number according to the
localized format or given pattern or set of rules, and to parse
strings into numbers.
* Message Formatter: allows to create messages incorporating
data (such as numbers or dates) formatted according to given
pattern and locale rules, and parse messages extracting data
from them.
* Normalizer: provides a function to transform text into one
of the Unicode normalization forms, and provides a routine to
test if a given string is already normalized.
* Locale: provides interaction with locale identifiers in the
form of functions to get subtags from locale identifier; parse,
compose, match(lookup and filter) locale identifiers.






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