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C-API and command line tool for generating UUIDs

homepage: http://www.ossp.org/pkg/lib/uuid/
license: mit
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build date: 2019-01-25 22:58:37 +0000
package file: ossp-uuid-1.6.2nb7.tgz
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UUIDs are 128 bit numbers which are intended to have a high likelihood
of uniqueness over space and time and are computationally difficult
to guess. They are globally unique identifiers which can be locally
generated without contacting a global registration authority. UUIDs
are intended as unique identifiers for both mass tagging objects
with an extremely short lifetime and to reliably identifying very
persistent objects across a network.

OSSP uuid is a ISO-C:1999 application programming interface (API)
and corresponding command line interface (CLI) for the generation
of DCE 1.1, ISO/IEC 11578:1996 and RFC 4122 compliant Universally
Unique Identifier (UUID). It supports DCE 1.1 variant UUIDs of version
1 (time and node based), version 3 (name based, MD5), version 4
(random number based) and version 5 (name based, SHA-1). Additional
API bindings are provided for the languages ISO-C++:1998, Perl:5 and
PHP:4/5. Optional backward compatibility exists for the ISO-C DCE-1.1
and Perl Data::UUID APIs.







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bin/uuid2019-01-25 15:5814312 bytes
bin/uuid-config2019-01-25 15:584317 bytes
include/uuid++.hh2019-01-25 15:584812 bytes
include/uuid.h2019-01-25 15:584383 bytes
include/uuid_dce.h2019-01-25 15:583378 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid++.la2019-01-25 15:58991 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid++.a2019-01-25 15:5881402 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid++.so2019-01-25 15:580 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid++.so.162019-01-25 15:580 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid++.so.16.0.222019-01-25 15:5865312 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid.la2019-01-25 15:58977 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid.a2019-01-25 15:5868260 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid.so2019-01-25 15:580 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid.so.162019-01-25 15:580 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid.so.16.0.222019-01-25 15:5854712 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid_dce.la2019-01-25 15:581005 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid_dce.a2019-01-25 15:5872394 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid_dce.so2019-01-25 15:580 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid_dce.so.162019-01-25 15:580 bytes
lib/libossp-uuid_dce.so.16.0.222019-01-25 15:5855104 bytes
lib/pkgconfig/ossp-uuid.pc2019-01-25 15:581703 bytes
man/man1/uuid-config.12019-01-25 15:587197 bytes
man/man1/uuid.12019-01-25 15:5810798 bytes
man/man3/uuid++.3ossp2019-01-25 15:5811499 bytes
man/man3/uuid.3ossp2019-01-25 15:5828713 bytes