Basic Info:

Open Source Secure shell client and server (remote login program)

license: modified-bsd
install size: 4757242
build date: 2019-01-29 00:40:32 +0000
package file: openssh-7.9.1.tgz
package size: 1837197


OpenSSH is based on the last free version of Tatu Ylonen's SSH with
all patent-encumbered algorithms removed (to external libraries), all
known security bugs fixed, new features reintroduced and many other
clean-ups. More information about SSH itself can be found in the file
README.Ylonen. OpenSSH has been created by Aaron Campbell, Bob Beck,
Markus Friedl, Niels Provos, Theo de Raadt, and Dug Song.

This port consists of the re-introduction of autoconf support, PAM
support (for Linux and Solaris), EGD[1] support, SOCKS support (using
the Dante [6] libraries and replacements for OpenBSD library functions
that are (regrettably) absent from other unices. This port has been
best tested on Linux, Solaris, HPUX, NetBSD and Irix. Support for AIX,
SCO, NeXT and other Unices is underway. This version actively tracks
changes in the OpenBSD CVS repository.







Package List

File NameDateSize
bin/scp2019-01-28 17:4092288 bytes
bin/sftp2019-01-28 17:40141656 bytes
bin/ssh2019-01-28 17:40690808 bytes
bin/ssh-add2019-01-28 17:40333936 bytes
bin/ssh-agent2019-01-28 17:40313464 bytes
bin/ssh-keygen2019-01-28 17:40403592 bytes
bin/ssh-keyscan2019-01-28 17:40411784 bytes
libexec/sftp-server2019-01-28 17:40101488 bytes
libexec/ssh-keysign2019-01-28 17:40424248 bytes
libexec/ssh-pkcs11-helper2019-01-28 17:40305224 bytes
man/man1/scp.12019-01-28 17:404979 bytes
man/man1/sftp.12019-01-28 17:4014056 bytes
man/man1/ssh-add.12019-01-28 17:404777 bytes
man/man1/ssh-agent.12019-01-28 17:405364 bytes
man/man1/ssh-keygen.12019-01-28 17:4026215 bytes
man/man1/ssh-keyscan.12019-01-28 17:403711 bytes
man/man1/ssh.12019-01-28 17:4043312 bytes
man/man5/moduli.52019-01-28 17:402717 bytes
man/man5/ssh_config.52019-01-28 17:4050698 bytes
man/man5/sshd_config.52019-01-28 17:4049339 bytes
man/man8/sftp-server.82019-01-28 17:403964 bytes
man/man8/ssh-keysign.82019-01-28 17:401737 bytes
man/man8/ssh-pkcs11-helper.82019-01-28 17:40559 bytes
man/man8/sshd.82019-01-28 17:4030066 bytes
sbin/sshd2019-01-28 17:40724696 bytes
share/examples/openssh/moduli2019-01-28 17:40565252 bytes
share/examples/openssh/ssh_config2019-01-28 17:401495 bytes
share/examples/openssh/sshd_config2019-01-28 17:403158 bytes
share/examples/rc.d/sshd2019-01-28 17:402659 bytes