Basic Info:

Convert man pages from mdoc, man, eqn and tbl to txt, html, ps, or pdf

license: 2-clause-bsd
install size: 2981464
build date: 2019-01-23 23:35:45 +0000
package file: mandoc-1.14.4nb2.tgz
package size: 384680


The mandoc manual page parser and formatter package contains:
* the man(1) program to display manual pages
* the apropos(1) program to search for manual pages
* semantic search, regular expressions, and logical operators
* the makewhatis(8) program to build manual page databases
* the catman(8) program for bulk formatting of many pages
* the man.cgi(8) program to serve manual pages on the web
* complete validating parsers for the mdoc(7) and man(7) languages
* slightly incomplete parsers for the tbl(7) and eqn(7) languages
* support for some selected roff(7) requests that occur in manuals
* complete ASCII, UTF-8, and HTML text output formatters
* simple PostScript and PDF output formatters
* translators from the mdoc(7) to the man(7) and markdown languages
* output formatters producing indented mdoc(7) and man(7) parse trees

To format manuals for console display, it can be used as a smaller
and faster drop-in replacement for nroff -mandoc. Some rare manuals
using lots of uncommon low-level roff requests may not work with
mandoc but require a full roff implementation.







Package List

File NameDateSize
bin/apropos2019-01-23 16:35483976 bytes
bin/demandoc2019-01-23 16:35238184 bytes
bin/man2019-01-23 16:350 bytes
bin/mandoc2019-01-23 16:350 bytes
bin/msoelim2019-01-23 16:3510216 bytes
bin/whatis2019-01-23 16:350 bytes
man/man1/apropos.12019-01-23 16:3510762 bytes
man/man1/demandoc.12019-01-23 16:352707 bytes
man/man1/man.12019-01-23 16:359065 bytes
man/man1/mandoc.12019-01-23 16:3551757 bytes
man/man1/msoelim.12019-01-23 16:352661 bytes
man/man1/whatis.12019-01-23 16:350 bytes
man/man5/man.conf.52019-01-23 16:353944 bytes
man/man5/mandoc.db.52019-01-23 16:355874 bytes
man/man7/eqn.72019-01-23 16:3512376 bytes
man/man7/man.72019-01-23 16:3523580 bytes
man/man7/mandoc-roff.72019-01-23 16:3559758 bytes
man/man7/mandoc_char.72019-01-23 16:3529607 bytes
man/man7/mdoc.72019-01-23 16:3574989 bytes
man/man7/tbl.72019-01-23 16:3510445 bytes
man/man8/makewhatis.82019-01-23 16:354897 bytes
sbin/makewhatis2019-01-23 16:350 bytes