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C++ implementation of eCAP API

license: 2-clause-bsd
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build date: 2019-01-26 00:41:56 +0000
package file: libecap-1.0.1nb2.tgz
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eCAP is a software interface that allows a network application,
such as an HTTP proxy or an ICAP server, to outsource content
analysis and adaptation to a loadable module. For each applicable
protocol message being processed, an eCAP-enabled host application
supplies the message details to the adaptation module and gets back
an adapted message, a "not interested" response, or a "block this
message now!" instruction. These exchanges often include message

The adaptation module can also exchange meta-information with the
host application to supply additional details such as configuration
options, a reason behind the decision to ignore a message, or a
detected virus name.

If you are familiar with the ICAP protocol (RFC 3507), then you
may think of eCAP as an "embedded ICAP", where network interactions
with an ICAP server are replaced with function calls to an adaptation

The libecap library implements the eCAP API in C++.







Package List

File NameDateSize
include/libecap/adapter/service.h2019-01-25 17:411388 bytes
include/libecap/adapter/xaction.h2019-01-25 17:411364 bytes
include/libecap/common/area.h2019-01-25 17:412152 bytes
include/libecap/common/autoconf.h2019-01-25 17:413530 bytes
include/libecap/common/body.h2019-01-25 17:41499 bytes
include/libecap/common/body_size.h2019-01-25 17:41632 bytes
include/libecap/common/delay.h2019-01-25 17:41724 bytes
include/libecap/common/errors.h2019-01-25 17:411352 bytes
include/libecap/common/forward.h2019-01-25 17:41507 bytes
include/libecap/common/header.h2019-01-25 17:411590 bytes
include/libecap/common/libecap.h2019-01-25 17:41177 bytes
include/libecap/common/log.h2019-01-25 17:411182 bytes
include/libecap/common/memory.h2019-01-25 17:41259 bytes
include/libecap/common/message.h2019-01-25 17:411048 bytes
include/libecap/common/name.h2019-01-25 17:411519 bytes
include/libecap/common/named_values.h2019-01-25 17:41491 bytes
include/libecap/common/names.h2019-01-25 17:411367 bytes
include/libecap/common/options.h2019-01-25 17:411027 bytes
include/libecap/common/registry.h2019-01-25 17:41937 bytes
include/libecap/common/version.h2019-01-25 17:41731 bytes
include/libecap/host/host.h2019-01-25 17:411041 bytes
include/libecap/host/xaction.h2019-01-25 17:411976 bytes
lib/libecap.la2019-01-25 17:41936 bytes
lib/libecap.a2019-01-25 17:4188626 bytes
lib/libecap.so2019-01-25 17:410 bytes
lib/ 17:410 bytes
lib/ 17:4154936 bytes
lib/pkgconfig/libecap.pc2019-01-25 17:41318 bytes