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Password checking library

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build date: 2019-01-26 00:10:09 +0000
package file: libcrack-2.7nb2.tgz
package size: 57344


CrackLib is a library containing a C function (well, lots of functions
really, but you only need to use one of them) which may be used in a
"passwd"-like program.

The idea is simple: try to prevent users from choosing passwords that
could be guessed by "Crack" by filtering them out, at source.

CrackLib is an offshoot of the version 5 "Crack" software, and
contains a considerable number of ideas nicked from the new software.

NOTE THIS WELL: CrackLib is NOT a replacement "passwd" program.
CrackLib is a LIBRARY. CrackLib is what trendy marketdroid types would
probably call an "enabler".

The idea is that you wire it into your _own_ "passwd" program (if you
have source); alternatively, you wire it into something like "shadow"
from off of the net. You can use it in other things, too.






Package List

File NameDateSize
bin/libcrack_mkdict2019-01-25 17:10585 bytes
bin/libcrack_packer2019-01-25 17:1014320 bytes
bin/libcrack_testlib2019-01-25 17:1038976 bytes
bin/libcrack_testnum2019-01-25 17:1010224 bytes
bin/libcrack_teststr2019-01-25 17:1014320 bytes
bin/libcrack_unpacker2019-01-25 17:1010224 bytes
include/cracklib/crack.h2019-01-25 17:10373 bytes
include/cracklib/packer.h2019-01-25 17:101321 bytes
lib/libcrack.la2019-01-25 17:10943 bytes
lib/libcrack.a2019-01-25 17:1056388 bytes
lib/libcrack.so2019-01-25 17:100 bytes
lib/ 17:100 bytes
lib/ 17:1043952 bytes
libdata/pw_dict.hwm2019-01-25 17:102048 bytes
libdata/pw_dict.pwd2019-01-25 17:1016 bytes
libdata/pw_dict.pwi2019-01-25 17:1032 bytes