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IJG's jpeg compression utilities

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Independent JPEG Group's free JPEG software

This package contains C software to implement JPEG image encoding, decoding,
and transcoding. JPEG is a standardized compression method for full-color
and gray-scale images.

The distributed programs provide conversion between JPEG "JFIF" format and
image files in PBMPLUS PPM/PGM, GIF, BMP, and Targa file formats. The
core compression and decompression library can easily be reused in other
programs, such as image viewers. The package is highly portable C code;
we have tested it on many machines ranging from PCs to Crays.

We are releasing this software for both noncommercial and commercial use.
Companies are welcome to use it as the basis for JPEG-related products.
We do not ask a royalty, although we do ask for an acknowledgement in
product literature (see the README file in the distribution for details).
We hope to make this software industrial-quality --- although, as with
anything that's free, we offer no warranty and accept no liability.

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bin/cjpeg2019-01-25 16:5034872 bytes
bin/djpeg2019-01-25 16:5026680 bytes
bin/exifautotran2019-01-25 16:50868 bytes
bin/jpegexiforient2019-01-25 16:5010216 bytes
bin/jpegtran2019-01-25 16:5034792 bytes
bin/rdjpgcom2019-01-25 16:5010216 bytes
bin/wrjpgcom2019-01-25 16:5010216 bytes
include/jconfig.h2019-01-25 16:501757 bytes
include/jerror.h2019-01-25 16:5014580 bytes
include/jmorecfg.h2019-01-25 16:5014744 bytes
include/jpegint.h2019-01-25 16:5017763 bytes
include/jpeglib.h2019-01-25 16:5049300 bytes
lib/libjpeg.la2019-01-25 16:50937 bytes
lib/libjpeg.a2019-01-25 16:50330732 bytes
lib/libjpeg.so2019-01-25 16:500 bytes
lib/ 16:500 bytes
lib/ 16:50256224 bytes
lib/pkgconfig/libjpeg.pc2019-01-25 16:50227 bytes
man/man1/cjpeg.12019-01-25 16:5013907 bytes
man/man1/djpeg.12019-01-25 16:507748 bytes
man/man1/jpegtran.12019-01-25 16:5010030 bytes
man/man1/rdjpgcom.12019-01-25 16:501703 bytes
man/man1/wrjpgcom.12019-01-25 16:502627 bytes
share/doc/jpeg/coderules.txt2019-01-25 16:505364 bytes
share/doc/jpeg/filelist.txt2019-01-25 16:508536 bytes
share/doc/jpeg/install.txt2019-01-25 16:5053809 bytes
share/doc/jpeg/jconfig.txt2019-01-25 16:505821 bytes
share/doc/jpeg/libjpeg.txt2019-01-25 16:50163828 bytes
share/doc/jpeg/structure.txt2019-01-25 16:5051565 bytes
share/doc/jpeg/usage.txt2019-01-25 16:5033521 bytes
share/doc/jpeg/wizard.txt2019-01-25 16:509759 bytes