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IPv6 security assessment and troubleshooting tool

homepage: http://www.si6networks.com/tools/ipv6toolkit
license: gnu-gpl-v3
install size: 787723
build date: 2019-01-29 19:44:13 +0000
package file: ipv6toolkit-1.4.1.tgz
package size: 305289


The SI6 Networks' IPv6 toolkit is a set of IPv6
security/trouble-shooting tools, that can send arbitrary IPv6-based

flow6: A tool to perform a security asseessment of the IPv6 Flow Label.
frag6: A tool to perform IPv6 fragmentation-based attacks and to
perform a security assessment of a number of fragmentation-related
icmp6: A tool to perform attacks based on ICMPv6 error messages.
jumbo6: A tool to assess potential flaws in the handling of IPv6 Jumbograms.
na6: A tool to send arbitrary Neighbor Advertisement messages.
ni6: A tool to send arbitrary ICMPv6 Node Information messages, and
assess possible flaws in the processing of such packets.
ns6: A tool to send arbitrary Neighbor Solicitation messages.
ra6: A tool to send arbitrary Router Advertisement messages.
rd6: A tool to send arbitrary ICMPv6 Redirect messages.
rs6: A tool to send arbitrary Router Solicitation messages.
scan6: An IPv6 address scanning tool.
tcp6: A tool to send arbitrary TCP segments and perform a variety of
TCP-based attacks.







Package List

File NameDateSize
bin/flow62019-01-29 12:4435160 bytes
bin/frag62019-01-29 12:4451992 bytes
bin/icmp62019-01-29 12:4456760 bytes
bin/jumbo62019-01-29 12:4443832 bytes
bin/na62019-01-29 12:4439960 bytes
bin/ni62019-01-29 12:4460792 bytes
bin/ns62019-01-29 12:4443608 bytes
bin/ra62019-01-29 12:4444344 bytes
bin/rd62019-01-29 12:4448568 bytes
bin/rs62019-01-29 12:4439448 bytes
bin/scan62019-01-29 12:4469056 bytes
bin/tcp62019-01-29 12:4456664 bytes
man/man1/flow6.12019-01-29 12:446431 bytes
man/man1/frag6.12019-01-29 12:4411126 bytes
man/man1/icmp6.12019-01-29 12:4418786 bytes
man/man1/jumbo6.12019-01-29 12:4411200 bytes
man/man1/na6.12019-01-29 12:4418804 bytes
man/man1/ni6.12019-01-29 12:4415488 bytes
man/man1/ns6.12019-01-29 12:449836 bytes
man/man1/ra6.12019-01-29 12:4426584 bytes
man/man1/rd6.12019-01-29 12:4420541 bytes
man/man1/rs6.12019-01-29 12:448801 bytes
man/man1/scan6.12019-01-29 12:4425333 bytes
man/man1/tcp6.12019-01-29 12:4422691 bytes
man/man5/ipv6toolkit.conf.52019-01-29 12:441918 bytes