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RFC 3284 encoder/decoder for VCDIFF Differencing and Compression

license: apache-2.0
install size: 586631
build date: 2017-11-09 19:23:31 +0000
package file: open-vcdiff-0.8.3.tgz
package size: 199727


An encoder and decoder for the format described in RFC 3284: "The
VCDIFF Generic Differencing and Compression Data Format." The encoding
strategy is largely based on Bentley-McIlroy 99: "Data Compression
Using Long Common Strings." A library with a simple API is included,
as well as a command-line executable that can apply the encoder and
decoder to source, target, and delta files. A slight variation from
the draft standard is defined to allow chunk-by-chunk decoding when
only a partial delta file window is available.







Package List

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bin/vcdiff2017-11-09 12:23134384 bytes
include/google/format_extension_flags.h2017-11-09 12:232467 bytes
include/google/output_string.h2017-11-09 12:233590 bytes
include/google/vcdecoder.h2017-11-09 12:237547 bytes
include/google/vcencoder.h2017-11-09 12:2310867 bytes
lib/libvcdcom.la2017-11-09 12:23950 bytes
lib/libvcdcom.a2017-11-09 12:2347088 bytes
lib/libvcdcom.so2017-11-09 12:230 bytes
lib/ 12:230 bytes
lib/ 12:2333016 bytes
lib/libvcddec.la2017-11-09 12:23997 bytes
lib/libvcddec.a2017-11-09 12:2383104 bytes
lib/libvcddec.so2017-11-09 12:230 bytes
lib/ 12:230 bytes
lib/ 12:2359496 bytes
lib/libvcdenc.la2017-11-09 12:23997 bytes
lib/libvcdenc.a2017-11-09 12:2391580 bytes
lib/libvcdenc.so2017-11-09 12:230 bytes
lib/ 12:230 bytes
lib/ 12:2367496 bytes
man/man1/vcdiff.12017-11-09 12:232405 bytes
share/doc/open-vcdiff-0.8.3/AUTHORS2017-11-09 12:2323 bytes
share/doc/open-vcdiff-0.8.3/COPYING2017-11-09 12:2311347 bytes
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