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Apple's mDNS responder

license: apache-2.0 AND modified-bsd
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build date: 2017-11-09 21:47:29 +0000
package file: mDNSResponder-258.14nb2.tgz
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The mDNSResponder project is a component of Bonjour, Apple's ease-of-use IP
networking initiative:

Apple's Bonjour software derives from the ongoing standardization work of the
IETF Zero Configuration Networking Working Group:

The Zeroconf Working Group has identified three requirements for Zero
Configuration Networking:
1. An IP address (even when there is no DHCP server to assign one)
2. Name-to-address translation (even when there is no DNS server)
3. Discovery of Services on the network (again, without infrastucture)

Requirement 1 is met by self-assigned link-local addresses, as
described in "Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-Local Addresses"

Requirement 2 is met by sending DNS-like queries via Multicast (mDNS).

Requirement 3 is met by DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD).

Self-assigned link-local address capability has been available since
1998, when it first appeared in Windows '98 and in Mac OS 8.5.
Implementations for other platforms also exist.







Package List

File NameDateSize
bin/dns-sd2017-11-09 14:4739480 bytes
bin/mDNSClientPosix2017-11-09 14:47305896 bytes
bin/mDNSIdentify2017-11-09 14:47305880 bytes
bin/mDNSNetMonitor2017-11-09 14:47318216 bytes
bin/mDNSProxyResponderPosix2017-11-09 14:47305880 bytes
bin/mDNSResponderPosix2017-11-09 14:47310056 bytes
include/dns_sd.h2017-11-09 14:47119503 bytes
lib/libdns_sd.so2017-11-09 14:4732688 bytes
man/man1/dns-sd.12017-11-09 14:476626 bytes
man/man8/dnsextd.82017-11-09 14:472188 bytes
man/man8/mdnsd.82017-11-09 14:473391 bytes
sbin/dnsextd2017-11-09 14:47146376 bytes
sbin/mdnsd2017-11-09 14:47363296 bytes