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MikMod Sound Library

license: gnu-lgpl-v2
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build date: 2017-11-09 18:56:15 +0000
package file: libmikmod-
package size: 330319


The MikMod sound library is an excellent way for a programmer to
add music and sound effects to an application. It is a powerful
and flexible library, with a simple and easy-to-learn API.

Besides, the library is very portable and runs under a lot of
Unices, as well as under OS/2, MacOS and Windows. Third party
individuals also maintain ports on other systems, including MS-DOS,
and BeOS.

MikMod is able to play a wide range of module formats, as well as
digital sound files. It can take advantage of particular features
of your system, such as sound redirection over the network. And
due to its modular nature, the library can be extended to support
more sound or module formats, as well as new hardware or other
sound output capabilities, as they appear.








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bin/libmikmod-config2017-11-09 11:56944 bytes
include/mikmod.h2017-11-09 11:5631388 bytes
info/mikmod.info2017-11-09 11:56121956 bytes
lib/libmikmod.la2017-11-09 11:56958 bytes
lib/libmikmod.a2017-11-09 11:56585466 bytes
lib/libmikmod.so2017-11-09 11:560 bytes
lib/ 11:560 bytes
lib/ 11:56287280 bytes
lib/pkgconfig/libmikmod.pc2017-11-09 11:56312 bytes
man/man1/libmikmod-config.12017-11-09 11:562070 bytes
share/aclocal/libmikmod.m42017-11-09 11:569232 bytes