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Outline font manipulation tools

license: gnu-gpl-v2
install size: 3638281
build date: 2017-11-09 21:03:28 +0000
package file: lcdftypetools-2.106.tgz
package size: 1639711


This bundle of tools comprises: Cfftot1, which translates a
Compact Font Format (CFF) font, or a PostScript-flavored
OpenType font, into PostScript Type 1 format. It correctly
handles subroutines and hints; Mmafm and mmpfb, which create
instances of multiple-master fonts (mmafm and mmpfb were
previously distributed in their own package, mminstance);
Otfinfo, which reports information about OpenType fonts, such
as the features they support and the contents of their 'size'
optical size features; Otftotfm, which creates TeX font metrics
and encodings that correspond to a PostScript-flavored OpenType
font. It will interpret glyph positionings, substitutions, and
ligatures as far as it is able. You can say which OpenType
features should be activated; T1dotlessj, creates a Type 1 font
whose only character is a dotless j matching the input font's
design; T1lint, which checks a Type 1 font for correctness;
T1reencode, which replaces a font's internal encoding with one
you specify; and T1testpage, which creates a PostScript proof
for a Type 1 font. It is preliminary software.







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bin/cfftot12017-11-09 14:03338744 bytes
bin/mmafm2017-11-09 14:03224000 bytes
bin/mmpfb2017-11-09 14:03289592 bytes
bin/otfinfo2017-11-09 14:03428864 bytes
bin/otftotfm2017-11-09 14:03709520 bytes
bin/t1dotlessj2017-11-09 14:03277288 bytes
bin/t1lint2017-11-09 14:03240400 bytes
bin/t1rawafm2017-11-09 14:03240440 bytes
bin/t1reencode2017-11-09 14:03269112 bytes
bin/t1testpage2017-11-09 14:03252752 bytes
bin/ttftotype422017-11-09 14:03289584 bytes
man/man1/cfftot1.12017-11-09 14:031817 bytes
man/man1/mmafm.12017-11-09 14:034501 bytes
man/man1/mmpfb.12017-11-09 14:034723 bytes
man/man1/otfinfo.12017-11-09 14:034319 bytes
man/man1/otftotfm.12017-11-09 14:0351066 bytes
man/man1/t1dotlessj.12017-11-09 14:031938 bytes
man/man1/t1lint.12017-11-09 14:031031 bytes
man/man1/t1rawafm.12017-11-09 14:031248 bytes
man/man1/t1reencode.12017-11-09 14:034184 bytes
man/man1/t1testpage.12017-11-09 14:031563 bytes
man/man1/ttftotype42.12017-11-09 14:031595 bytes