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File Alteration Monitor

homepage: http://oss.sgi.com/projects/fam/
license: gnu-gpl-v2 AND gnu-lgpl-v2.1
install size: 252849
build date: 2017-11-09 19:22:29 +0000
package file: fam-2.7.0nb9.tgz
package size: 100406


FAM, the File Alteration Monitor, provides an API which applications
can use to be notified when specific files or directories are changed.

FAM comes in two parts: famd, the daemon which listens for requests and
delivers notification, and libfam, a library which client applications can
use to communicate with FAM.

If the monitored files are mounted from a remote host, the local FAM
will attempt to contact FAM on the remote host, and will pass the requests
on to the remote FAM.

FAM can also notify its clients when a file starts and stops execution.
(The IRIX Interactive Desktop uses this to change a program's icon while
it's running, for example.)

FAM was originally written for IRIX in 1989 by Bruce Karsh, and was
rewritten in 1995 by Bob Miller. This open-source release of FAM builds
and runs on NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, and IRIX, and is the same FAM that
will be included with IRIX 6.5.8.







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include/fam.h2017-11-09 12:2211589 bytes
lib/libfam.la2017-11-09 12:22937 bytes
lib/libfam.a2017-11-09 12:2254622 bytes
lib/libfam.so2017-11-09 12:220 bytes
lib/libfam.so.02017-11-09 12:220 bytes
lib/libfam.so.0.0.02017-11-09 12:2236952 bytes
man/man3/fam.32017-11-09 12:2211608 bytes
man/man5/famd.conf.52017-11-09 12:222475 bytes
man/man8/famd.82017-11-09 12:222288 bytes
sbin/famd2017-11-09 12:22130584 bytes
share/examples/fam/fam.conf2017-11-09 12:221491 bytes
share/examples/rc.d/famd2017-11-09 12:22273 bytes